Thanks for visiting my site. I’m Bette Bono, author of The Better Angels, a time travel-history-mystery-romance-adventure with a female senior citizen protagonist.

What’s this blog about? My novel mixes many things I love and so does this blog. Here you can find posts on books, writing, history, mystery, time travel, adventure, romance, senior citizens, and superheroes. (Those last two or three topics are definitely not mutually exclusive.) So check out the categories listed to the side. (If you’re on your phone, the categories may appear at the bottom.) I hope you find something to interest and intrigue you. Enjoy!

Cover of the novel The Better Angels by Bette Bono. Photo by Douglas Biklen.
The novel’s cover shows the Angel of the Waters in New York’s Central Park. Photo by Douglas Biklen.

What’s the novel about? Aggie May, newly and unhappily retired, fears dementia when she begins to see visions from the past. Then she gets a recruitment visit from Abe Irving of the American Association of Remarkable Persons (“the other AARP”) who explains she has developed the ability to travel through time. Soon Aggie joins other “Remarkables” on a mission to 19th century New York City in an effort to locate a missing photographic portrait of Abraham Lincoln created by the Civil War photographer Mathew Brady. While learning the rules and limits of time travel, Aggie faces the possibility that she may have both extraordinary power and extraordinary vulnerability. Aggie and Abe, two stubborn and independent people, must struggle to come to an understanding over how and when to take risks, including emotional risks.

The Better Angels is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats. https://www.amazon.com/Better-Angels-Bette-Bono/dp/1733444858/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=the+better+angels+bette+bono&qid=1576253430&sr=8-1 My publisher is the wonderful All Things That Matter Press. Their website is https://www.allthingsthatmatterpress.com/